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My first novel, Alley of Scented Roses, was inspired by my daughter, Marsha Mehran‘s life and writings. She became an international best-selling author of Pomegranate Soup in 2005. In 2007, she published her second book, Rosewater and Soda Bread. Despite her gifted talent and initial success, Marsha tragically fell victim to mental illness and writer’s block, leaving her unable to complete her third novel. In 2014, she passed away in a state of sickness, poverty, and isolation. As Marsha’s father, I have penned Alley of Scented Roses as a tribute to her life. In this narrative, I imagine a different ending for Marsha, where she overcomes her creative struggles and continues to pursue her writing with joy and fulfilment. Read More

Alley Of Scented Roses

Designed by Nada Backovic

Alley of Scented Roses

Inspired by Marsha Mehran’s writings and as a tribute to her achievement, the lyrical allusive Alley of Scented Roses is embellished with captivating tales that explore the magical power of flowers and the miraculous consequences of women working together. Its colourful stories, infused with the intoxicating aroma of Persian rose attar, are filled with humour, humanity, and affection.

Mitra Johnson is a successful young writer living in New York. Her childhood friend, Rana, has implored her to come to Melbourne and help her escape an unwanted wedding.

Mitra’s mother, Noosha, owns the Alley of Scented Roses, a lively and vibrant flower shop, and a rose garden in Dandenong. She and her cheerful staff are preparing flower arrangements to beautify Rana’s pretentious Persian bridal hammam and wedding party.

When Mitra reluctantly returns to Melbourne, she tries to hide from her critical mother that her husband has left her, and she has writer’s block and can’t write anymore.

Discover how Mitra, amidst personal struggles, can find solace in the power of friendship and the triumphs that can emerge from even the most challenging situations.

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